Widzew fans destroyed the ŁKS stadium

According to Łódzki Sport, a group of about 40 football fans turned up at al. Union. Besides, they immortalized their “action” in social media – in the photo they stand with inscriptions accusing ŁKS fans of being informers. They also painted over the walls and banners – on one of them they painted a star of David on the inscription ŁKS.

The case went to the police, which are to review monitoring in order to track down the perpetrators. It will be difficult because they have balaclavas on, among others. in the colors of Widzew. Damage will be assessed and covered by the property’s insurance.

The city portal Łódź responded to the incident. He wrote: “As you can see, stupidity has no limits. For the fans of RTS Widzew Łódź, who anointed the ŁKS stadium and the Sport Arena, the red card and the police investigation. We have already covered the nasty inscriptions. They will be removed soon.”

The entry has stepped on the imprint of Widzew. The club’s official fanpage on Facebook condemned the events, but also stressed not to attribute hooligan acts to our Club, which we always condemn and consider stupid. (…) We condemn such behavior, so please verify the content of the post, and in spring we invite you to the match to # Heart of Łódź, the stadium filled to the last place! “.

The name of the RTS Widzew Łódź club has disappeared from the entry in Łódź. There is no doubt, however, that people who identify with the other club in Łódź are behind the pranks at the ŁKS facility.

“To the idiots on both sides of Łódź. You love your club and respect your rival. That’s how my coaches taught me.” – commented Sylwester Pawłowski, Łódź councilor.

The war between the fans of both teams is in full swing. In March, most likely those from Widzew got to the stadium at al. Unii and the inscription from ŁKS chairs turned into RTS. Earlier, the Widzew coach was damaged, with painted, among others, the inscription ŁKS and a crossed-out RTS. Unknown perpetrators at the stadium at al. Piłsudski was attacked by the employees of the press office. There was also an attempt to burn the Christmas tree next to the Widzew building.


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