Widzew Łódź was threatened with a two-year transfer ban

After the autumn round in the 1st league, “Przegląd Sportowy” talked with the president of Widzew Łódź, Mateusz Dróżdż. The helmsman of the Lodz club revealed that the first league could have had serious problems. He was threatened with a transfer ban for two years.

In September, we received a notification that a transfer ban was imposed on us and that we would not be able to bring any player for two years – reveals the president of the Lodz club. It turned out that the previous management forgot to pay the equivalent for the transfer of Petar Mikulic. The Croatian defender joined Widzew in the summer of 2020, signing a two-year contract. Previously, he was a player of NK Croatia Zmijavci. Mikulić did not make a career in Łódź, largely due to an injury. Already in the first game of the season, the Croatian tore his ligaments.

The left-back dropped out of the game for a long time, then did not return to the squad. In the summer of 2021, the first-league terminated the contract with the footballer. He, in turn, returned to Croatia, where he played 11 matches in the second division. Mateusz Dróżdż explained to Przegląd Sportowy that the matter could be straightened out. The lack of payment was due to the fact that no one informed the new president about such a commitment.


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