Will Ahsoka trailer be released at D23 2022?

The D23 Disney+ Expo will return later this week, and among the many content updates the company may release, many fans of Star Wars I’m looking for the first trailer of Ahsoka. The 2022 D23 Expo will take place on September 9, 10 and 11 and potentially provide attendees with the first update on the Star Wars spinoff show since teasers were released at the Star Wars Celebration this year, on May 29th. So far, Disney has announced that several big names in the entertainment industry, such as Lilly Singh, Raven-Symon√©, and Brie Larson, will be attending panels this year, and has promised several updates on Marvel games and properties.

Overall, Ahsoka will take place around the same time as The Book of Boba Fett and The Mandalorian, following the events of Star Wars: Rebels and Return of the Jedi. At the Disney Star Wars Celebration of May, the released footage revealed that protagonist Ahsoka (Rosario Dawson) will be joined on screen by other Star Wars: Rebels family members such as Chopper, Sabine Wren (Natasha Liu Bordizzo), and Hera Syndulla. Additionally, Hayden Christensen will return as Anakin Skywalker, while Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Ivanna Sakhno and Ray Stevenson have been cast in undisclosed roles. Otherwise, not much is known about Ahsoka’s storyline, other than that production began shortly before Star Wars Celebration 2022 on May 9.

Given that Ahsoka has been filming for several months, a new first look or trailer may be available for the 2022 D23 Expo. While Disney has not disclosed an expected production date, the past months have provided ample opportunity for new footage. However, Disney may also decide not to follow up on the Ahsoka show’s previous outings due to the relatively recent updates from the show Star Wars Celebrationinstead focusing on the upcoming release of Andor.

What to expect from an Ahsoka trailer

If an Ahsoka trailer is released at D23 Expo 2022, there are several moments, scenes, and characters that could be revealed. Since Ahsoka is currently busy finding Ezra Bridger (Taylor Gray) and Grand Admiral Thrawn (Lars Mikkelsen), audiences may expect to see the remains of Admiral Thrawn’s star destroyer as part of the investigation. More scenes of Sabine, Hera, and Ahsoka aboard the Ghost may also be included, along with any contacts they’ll have during the search. Potential villains could include remnants of the Empire seeking vengeance for their downfall or bounty hunters hot on their trail. Finally, perhaps Anakin Skywalker could make an appearance to dispense wisdom to Star Wars’ favorite padawan, and if Disney follows its trend of covert, veiled revelations, perhaps audiences could get a voiceover or a silhouette of Admiral Thrawn. or Ezra himself.

While there won’t be an official trailer for Ahsoka at the 2022 D23 Expo, the material that audiences have seen has a clear focus for the series and narrative potential to explore the newly reformed galaxy. A trailer for Ahsoka’s show might just add to the excitement by adding familiar faces. And Disney itself couldn’t fail to see the potential in capitalizing on the interest around a new trailer to promote its upcoming Star Wars releases.

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