Will Gold Prices Go Up? The president of the Treasury Mint says what to expect

– I expect that the trend in selling investment gold will continueor even its dynamics will not decrease in the coming quarters or subsequent years, mainly due to the growing group of investors interested in this metal and the continuing high level of purchasing power of gold with rising inflation – Żołędowski noted.

The Treasury Mint sold 920 kg of gold in the third quarter of this year. compared to 504 kg a year earlier. The customers most willingly bought the 1-ounce coins of Maple Leaf and bars weighing 100 g and one ounce. Bars 100-grams recorded the largest increase in sales – by 133 percent. Every year. Most of the sales were carried out via a stationary network (84.6% of generated revenues) and in a 24-hour mode, ie “on the spot”. The company also observes a high level of online channel share.

– The World Gold Council does not provide accurate data on the Polish market, but our information obtained from the world’s largest gold producers shows that Poland is already in the top five, if not three, European countries when it comes to selling gold on its own retail market – adds the president of the Treasury Mint.

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