Will Halloween Ends be the last movie in the franchise?

Blumhouse’s relaunch of the Halloween by John Carpenter in 2018 helped the genre legacy through another era of horror, creating the eventual confirmation of a full trilogy. With the trilogy ending this October with the release of Halloween Ends, it will also become the longest addition to the Halloween continuity, telling a full story (four chapters) from start to finish without any drastic changes to the team.

Now, as Halloween Ends is preparing to wrap up the tales of Blumhouse, the studio’s Jason Blum himself offered more insight into where things could (or, in this case, will go) next. Speaking with Screen Rant, Jason Blum explains: “We no longer have the rights to make any more Halloween movies so yeah, it will be our last as far as we’re concerned, but I never said it would be the end of the entire franchise. Only Malek Akkad (the producer) knows the fate of the saga, it’s up to him to decide ”. Halloween Ends will be released in theaters on October 14, 2022.

There Universal Pictures showed, at this year’s CinemaCon, a first look at Halloween Ends, the next film in the series and the conclusion to the story that began with the revival of the slasher franchise in 2018. Star Jamie Lee Curtis was on hand to talk about the film and present the video, telling the participants: “It will ruin you“. Cam Bonomolo of the ComicBook.com portal watched the video and released the following previews.

The first sneak peeks of Halloween Ends

“The face of fear was born 44 years ago”. Classic movie of HALLOWEEN by John Carpenter. A murder montage shows Michael Myers’ victims on Halloween night of ’78 and 2018. “Every scream. Every fright. The shots. It led to this. ” In the new footage, Laurie breathes heavily as she hides in a dark closet. Michael Myers chases her into the kitchen with a knife. Laurie lunges at Michael and hits him. It’s a BRUTAL fight .. Michael grabs Laurie’s hair and slams her face into a glass cabinet before her. Laurie grabs the knife and stabs it in Michael’s hand. The trailer ends with Michael on the table. Laurie stands over her prey with a butcher’s knife.

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