Will Iliad try again with Vodafone? Xavier Niel takes 2.5%

Xavier Niel, the owner of Iliad, has acquired a stake of approximately 2.5% in Vodafone through the vehicle Atlas Investissement. “Atlas Investissement has identified Vodafone as an interesting investment opportunity, thanks to the quality of its business portfolio and the solid underlying trends in the global telecommunications sector”, the company announced, pointing out that it wishes to support “Vodafone’s intention , publicly declared, to pursue consolidation opportunities in selected geographic areas, as well as its efforts in the separation of infrastructures “.

Atlas Investissement – the note continues – “believes that there are opportunities to accelerate the rationalization of Vodafone and the separation of its infrastructures, further reduce costs, improve profitability, accelerate the development of broadband in Germany and other geographical areas and strengthen the focus on innovation “.

Iliad returns from the window in the Vodafone Italy match?

Although Atlas Investissement is independent from the Iliad Group and Iliad HoldingNiel’s move could herald new deals. The attempt by Iliad together with the Apax Partners fund to take over 100% of Vodafone Italia dates back to last Februaryan offer of over 11 billion that was rejected by the British telco, which however continued to reiterate its intention to rationalize its activities in some countries, with Italy in pole position.

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The Italian market is very strange, there are 5 mobile operators (in addition to Tim, WindTre and Vodafone, Fastweb is also licensed, ed) unique compared to other European markets. There is also an aggressive price war. Let’s continue on our way: if situations aimed at consolidation arise, we do not exclude interest “: so replied the CEO of the Iliad Group, Thomas Reynaud to a question from CorCom on the occasion of the international press conference for the presentation of the results of the half-yearly report.

Xavier Niel’s business in Tlc

Xavier Niel has investments in the telecommunications sector in nine European countries, with nearly 50 million active subscribers and over 10 billion euros in turnover. He is the owner of iliad present in France, Italy and Poland, and of NJJ Holding, an investor in telecommunications activities in Switzerland and Ireland.


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