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Italy raises its head after yesterday’s defeat against Brazil and overtakes Japan 3-1retaining the first place in Pool E and taking an almost definitive step forward towards qualifying for the quarter-finals of the 2022 Women’s Volleyball World Cup.

The Azzurre still have to face the affordable Argentina and the fearsome China in the second phase of the world championship, with the last challenge that could become a direct match for the first place in the group. The Asian selection, by winning the three games it has yet to play, would in fact overtake the reigning world vice-champions. We remind you that the first criterion to be taken into consideration is that of the number of wins and then that of points. The top four in the grouping advance to the knockout stage.

Below is the updated table of Pool E after China’s 3-0 victory over Puerto Rico in the second phase of the 2022 Women’s Volleyball World Cup:

Women’s volleyball, Italy raises its head at the World Cup and stuns Japan: mortgaged quarter-finals


  1. Italy 6 wins (7 games, 19 points)
  2. China 6 wins (6 games, 15 points)
  3. Japan 5 wins (7 games, 15 points)
  4. Belgium 5 wins (7 games, 15 points)
  5. Brazil 5 wins (6 games, 14 points)
  6. Netherlands 4 wins (6 games, 12 points)
  7. Puerto Rico 2 wins (7 games, 6 points)
  8. Argentina 2 wins (7 games, 5 points)

Photo: FIVB

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