Will Marvel’s boss leave because of the conflict with Scarlett Johansson? New backstage

The legal conflict between Scarlett Johansson and Disney is spreading across Hollywood. There are few official votes of support so far, but Emma Stone and Emily Blunt are considering bringing their lawsuits. Kevin Feige is also not delighted with the war with the former star. Therefore, Disney plans to take the matter out of the public eye.

The echoes of the legal battle that Scarlett Johansson officially launched against Disney dozens of hours ago continue. Similar clashes happen from time to time in Hollywood, but in this case we are talking about a ruthless war that has the chance to change the relationship between great studios and celebrities in a post-pandemic era. It is becoming more and more likely that more characters will follow Johansson’s example. As reported by Variety portal, Gerald Butler sued the producers of “Olimp On Fire” yesterday, who allegedly owed him $ 10 million.

Next up are Emma Stone and Emily Blunt, who are said to also feel cheated by Disney for their hybrid distribution model for “Cruella” and “Expedition to the Jungle.” Both are still withholding the decision to bring a lawsuit against the Mickey Mouse company, but the possible success of Scarlett Johansson would undoubtedly be a huge encouragement for them. Perhaps that is why the largest entertainment industry corporation responded so aggressively. Disney in the official commentary tries to present the star of “Black Widow” as a greedy and soulless person. If that strategy worked, the less popular Stone and Blunt would surely face a similar fate. Which explains their current anticipation. On a different note, Disney is having problems both outside and inside its organization.

Public support for Scarlett Johansson is low, but it is boiling behind the scenes. Kevin Feige is supposed to be furious.

One of the few people who publicly supported the actress is Alec Baldwin. He has no particular ties to Disney, however, and could afford such a public comment. Dave Bautista, known for his sharp tongue and critical approach to Disney, also referred to the case, but he chose a fairly safe exit. He did not take sides in the conflict, but joked that the studio should have followed his advice and made a solo film about Drax. The rest of Hollywood looks frozen, but that’s just an illusion. There’s a lot going on below the surface, and the agents’ phones have been red-hot all day long. Every actor in LA asks himself, “What then about my movie and how much should he get for it?”

Record label Warner Bros. decided to take a conciliatory path and paid her stars a huge amount of money, as if their new products this year turned out to be big box office hits. Disney decided otherwise and went into open warfare, which reportedly did not appeal to the head of Marvel Studios. As reported by former editor of The Hollywood Reporter Matthew Belloni, Kevin Feige is embarrassed and angry with his bosses. The American built the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on recognizable names and did not want a war with the former star. He was also of the opinion that the hybrid form of distribution in the case of “Black Widow” was a mistake. When the film began to record an embarrassing drop in the global box office after a strong start, and Scarlett Johansson’s lawyers threatened to sue, Kevin Feige was to persuade for an agreement. However, he was ignored, which hurt him greatly. Belloni speculates that this could even lead to a takeover of the filmmaker by DC competitors.

Disney will try to resolve the matter through arbitration, but the avalanche has already started and nothing will stop it.

He presented the details of the planned strategy of the corporation Variety portal in a large article that sheds some light on the background of the disagreement between Johansson and Disney. According to industry experts, the amount of $ 50 million, quoted by lawyers, that the actress was supposed to lose by the company’s decision, is greatly overestimated. In the current situation of the cinema industry, she could count on at most half of this amount. And it is very likely that he will get it, because virtually all journalists agree on one thing – the lawsuit will most likely end in some sort of settlement.

The fact is that the months-long scuffle with the Johansson team could cost Disney the sympathy of the public. Therefore, his lawyers will appeal for the case to be transferred to arbitration. In this way, all the details of the negotiations would be secret. We would not know the details of the original contract signed by both parties, but it really depends on who is right. Because if Disney committed only to world cinema distribution and did not promise exclusive availability, Scarlett Johansson’s arguments will definitely lose strength. The only question is whether the actress would actually be heading for a head-on collision with the largest company in the entertainment industry if she did not have enormous faith in victory. However, however this dispute ends, Hollywood is bound to change enormously.

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