Will men and women use the same balls at the 2023 US Open?

Tennis is a sport that is always in trying times, Always looking for a series of improvements. Help the show without interfering with the sports performance of athletes. In this sporting maxim, in the face of the imminent start of the game, The US Open 2023 introduced several new features. Most important is the type of ball that the girls use.

As announced by the tournament organizers, For the first time, the women’s box uses the same balls as the men’s. This is due to Last year’s edition generated a series of complaints, Several women commented, It is difficult to control the direction and strength of the blow It is a lighter ball than the ball used by men. After some testing in tournaments in Canada and Cincinnati, If the surface is very similar to Flushing Meadows.

therefore, The US Open is the only Grand Slam with different balls for women and men. It joins the rest of the ‘big’ teams in terms of unity in this area between the two teams. He said, even though it was a late request.Based on the results and opinions of this time, the organization will decide the type of ball to be used in 2024.

“If the WTA wants to change balls, no problem.” Said Stacy Allaster director of US Open. “Wilson can do it, and at no additional cost, And the only condition we gave the WTA was to let them know what balls they would be playing in 2023 at the end of the 2022 US Open. A period of time to allow Wilson to manufacture the ball.

Other novelties for US Open 2023

NEW BALL IN WOMEN’S BOX This is not the only change introduced in this year’s edition. Another great innovation is Use of live electronic devices for player coaches and players. This way they will be able to access View stats and video of the game itself in real time.

Additionally, tennis players View images of the party itself to review the specific set itself of political parties that may result in some questionable decisions such as Double click the ball on the ground before hitting it with the racket.

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