Will Quagmire from Family Guy come to Fortnite?

Brad Norton

After years of player demand, Peter Griffin has finally joined Fortnite , and players are now curious about which Family Guy character might be next. Quagmire has been popular for this very reason, but will he join the iconic battle royale?

Where were you when Peter Griffin was announced for Fortnite? After countless memes, requests from the player base over the years, and tons of trailers, this historic moment finally became part of the fifth chapter of Season 1 on December 3rd.

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The highly anticipated crossover sent shockwaves through the industry, and the polished version of the iconic character made an impact on the hit video game.

But does the hype stop there? Will Peter Griffin be the only Family Guy character in Fortnite? Or could someone else like Quagmire join in? Here’s what you need to know.

Fortnite players are in awe of how popular it is "Chad" Peter Griffinepic game

Peter Griffin is finally coming to Fortnite in 2023.

Will Quagmire come to Fortnite?

No, Quagmire is not coming to Fortnite. There is currently no news about the possible addition of Quagmire to Epic BR. On the surface, Peter Griffin is just a one-time addition to Family Guy, as the hype surrounding his debut over the years has been insurmountable.

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If “The Swamp” is indeed on its way, there’s no doubt we’ll start hearing about it well in advance. Whether it’s the developers’ own in-game trailers or countless leaks from data miners along the way, it probably won’t remain a secret for long.

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So there’s no word yet on any other Family Guy characters joining Fortnite, let alone Quagmire, and you’d be wise not to hold your breath.

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Still, as we’ve learned many times in recent history, nothing is truly impossible. Fortnite has successfully brought together characters from a variety of IPs, which means another Family Guy skin is bound to appear if there’s demand for it.

Rest assured we will keep you updated on any further developments. In the meantime, be sure to brush up on some of these other Fortnite guides:

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