Will She Marry Us? Angela Aguilar Raises Suspicions Dressed as a Bride

Apparently, this secret of the famous singer was revealed with a couple of postcards in which she looks spectacular in a white dress

Causing a stir dressed as a wedding, Angela Aguilar puts herself in the eye of the hurricane and unleashes speculation about a wedding at the door, because she looks spectacular dressed in white.

The beautiful Mexican regional music singer captured the attention through her social network Instagram, where she shared a couple of photos that unleashed the madness.

The famous woman is presumed dressed as a wedding, causing an intense uproar among her loyal followers, who are on the lookout for everything she shares on the Internet.

As always, the young woman put herself in the public eye and aroused the inspiration of all her fans, who quickly wrote her loving and very passionate messages when they saw her look stunning in that striking look.

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The interpreter of the hit ‘Tell me how you want’ unleashed suspicions with the photographs that perhaps reveal one of her biggest secrets, and that is that many also speculate that it is a new music video.

The 17-year-old girl in one of the snapshots touches her belly and as if that were not enough in one of her hands she wears the one that could make an engagement ring, hence her fans create chaos in the much-talked-about publication.

In the other postcard, Angela appears with her wedding veil on, and in the shadows, her silhouette and that perfect profile that she has on her face can be seen, which makes her look radiant and extremely beautiful. 


It is worth mentioning that Pepe Aguilar’s daughter did not put any message next to the fabulous snapshots that have everyone paralyzed, she only limited herself to hanging some emojis that indicate keeping the secret.

It was impossible for his fans not to react to the images and they quickly sent him passionate compliments, messages, and compliments. She is a young woman who at a young age has achieved several important successes in her career within popular music and on a personal level.

Surely soon the granddaughter of Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre will be giving more details of these images that turned the Internet upside down and about to explode.     


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