Will Smith deceived a resident of Lublin? This story is a warning

Will Smith deceived a resident of Lublin? This story sounds surprising, but it really happened. A person claiming to be a Hollywood actor extorted almost 50,000 zlotys in this way.

Will Smith is a Hollywood actor known for years. For some time the media has been buzzing with rumors about a crisis in his marriage. He and Jada Pinkett Smith have more difficult times, so perhaps the actor has already decided to look for a new love on the web. It was from this assumption that a 35-year-old resident of Lublin, who met a person who claimed to be an actor on a matrimonial portal, probably came out.

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Scam on Will Smith

Fraudsters are becoming more and more inventive and will do much to encourage their victims to give them their savings voluntarily. We already know many “working” tricks that the police regularly warn against: “against the granddaughter” or “against the policeman”, and now even “against Will Smith”.

According to, the fake star turned the 35-year-old in the head and argued that he wanted to create a relationship with her. “A woman reported to the police station in Lublin that she had lost approx. 45 thousand. zlotys. She admitted that on one of the social networks she met a man who claimed to be “a famous American actor”, as Kamil Gołębiowski from the Municipal Police Headquarters in Lublin officially told journalists“- reports the website.

Interestingly, there was even a video conversation between the woman and the “actor”, during which the victim of the scammer recognized the star in the interlocutor. The key moment turned out to be when “Smith” announced to the woman that he wanted to share his property with her and would send her diamonds worth 6 million dollars and an additional 3 million in cash. However, she has to pay a duty for the parcel – a trifle of 12 thousand. dollars. The 35-year-old did not sense the fraud and settled the sum. The fake actor quickly severed contact with her, and he was never heard of.

The police are investigating the case.

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