“Will Smith” deceived the Polish woman. The actor asked to collect diamonds and $ 3 million –

45,000 zlotys was lost by a 35-year-old resident of the Chełm poviat.

The woman claimed that she met one of the famous American actors on one of the social networks. Gwiazdor was to authorize her to collect $ 6 million in diamonds, $ 3 million in cash, and divorce papers. After transferring the money to the indicated account, however, contact with the “star” ceased. Police officers establish the true identity of the fraudster and call for caution and prudence in dealing with strangers.

A 35-year-old resident of the Chełm poviat has found out that there are many scammers on the Internet who are looking for someone else’s gullibility. A few days ago, the woman reported to the 3rd police station in Lublin, where she reported the loss of PLN 45,000.

The victim stated that on one of the social networks she met a man claiming to be a famous American actor and rapper Will Smith. The conversations mainly involved the exchange of messages in one of the messengers. But there were also cases where video calls were made, during which the woman recognized the star in her interlocutor. Thanks to this, she trusted the man, and he could allow himself to implement his true intentions.

The fake actor at one point announced that he authorized the 35-year-old to receive a package containing diamonds worth $ 6 million, $ 3 million in cash and divorce papers. To that end, she only had to pay fees to obtain a certificate authorizing her to collect the valuables and pay the duty.

In total, the woman was asked to transfer PLN 45,000 to the indicated accounts. After completing the transaction, she noticed that her friend started avoiding contact, and ultimately broke the relationship altogether.

Lublin policemen establish the true identity of the perpetrator of this crime. At the same time, they call for caution and prudence in dealing with strangers.

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