Will Smith decided to get back in shape. He wanted to shine during training. But something went wrong And Myfitness Rumors

Getting back to regular exercise is sometimes harder than expected. He was quite painfully convinced of this fact Will Smith. The actor is known for his sense of humor, so no one will be surprised that he started fighting his excess weight in a playful style. The training, however, surpassed Smith – the star is small hair did not make a serious mistake lifting the barbell.

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Will Smith tries to lift the barbell

Will Smith wanted to play with the barbell. How did he do?

The actor initially ridiculed the coach’s recommendations. Why start with the simplest exercises, when you can immediately take a hoe to the sun? Exactly – but you can’t, as Will learned the hard way (more precisely on the shoulders).

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The guy next door told me that in order to work on the body, we first need to move around properly to avoid injuries. You understand? What does that even mean? Training with a barbell … no barbell ?! No, no one will watch the video of my training, lifting the bar without weights – he was critical of the assumptions of coach Smith.

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In the attached video, however, we can see that in the end Will listened to the instructor, and the bench press without weights was quite a challenge for him anyway! Unfortunately, getting back into shape after such a long break requires proper preparation and, above all, time. We will not go back to intense exercise right away – we can pay for such attempts with serious injuries. Fortunately, the actor is in good hands. Personal trainer Ebenezer Samuel knows exactly how to work even with the most stubborn and how to bring them to the ground and convince them to exercise at the right level.

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