Will Smith gained weight, but won the Internet. This picture tells us the truth about life

Will Smith added a photo that made millions of people feel better today. Nobody laughed at the fact that the actor had gained a beer muscle, on the contrary, most people smiled at this belly. Because after all these lockdowns many of us (including the one signed above) can boast of a similar silhouette.

“I’ll be honest with you. I’ve never been in such a bad shape in my life, “said the Hollywood star on social media and added a photo of him wearing underpants, a sweatshirt and slippers like from the market square. However, our attention is primarily drawn to its exposed bebzol.

A truly homely view. Almost like a meme where you bring a girl home, and here a tipsy dad goes to say hi. A lovely photo that got over six million likes on Instagram in one day. And it does not surprise me at all.

Will Smith probably watched Netflix for weeks, too.

Many of us, at the start of the first lockdown, promised ourselves to learn languages, read a million books, and generally take care of ourselves, and ended up binge-watching shows over microwave popcorn. Closed gyms, no concerts and terrible weather forced us to rot in four walls.

Today, half of the clothes from the wardrobe are already a bit slack. The pangs of conscience seem a little less, however, when it turns out that Will Smith was probably doing the same. And he is not ashamed of the consequences, which is probably the most important thing in all of this.

You can now say you have a body like a Hollywood actor.

Theoretically, there is nothing to compare to the American star, who gets more than the annual budget of a small Polish city for one movie, but everyone does it anyway. Usually it gives us complexes.

This photo reminded us that millionaires are human too, not some virtual avatars. They are not screen gods, although that is how they are used to speak of, and they look different in private life. And nothing human is alien to them. Even the tendency to put on weight when doing nothing.

The pandemic did not spare anyone. Even a man who became a legend.

Will Smith is an actor associated with the action cinema. He is famous for such blockbusters as “Men in Black”, “I’m a Legend”, “Me, Robot” and many others. He was invincible there, but life is not a movie. The coronavirus takes a deadly toll and paralyzes the economy.

Maybe this is typical envy thinking, especially when the neighbor’s new car does not start, but it is nice to know that not only we are bad. Especially since Smith only gained weight, and this is not the end of the world yet.

Millions of likes prove that dad bod is cool.

From what I was watching, it was probably only Arnold Schwarzenegger who stuck a small pin to the actor, writing: “Will, poor child, I feel so sorry for you, even if you are in better shape than 90 percent. Americans. Keep packing! ”. Which, of course, is right, because we can’t go the other way and fall into unhealthy obesity.

However, the vast majority of comments on the Internet are like “Totally me”, “I feel a spiritual connection”, “Nothing is wrong with you”. Nobody wrote “Yuck!” Yes, if Will Smith were a woman, the reactions would be more extreme, because the social pressure is greater then. However, only with such pictures can a sick body worship be overcome.

You don’t have to have a radiator on your stomach to be happy.

Will Smith did not gain weight for his new role, but simply began to lead a calmer life, as many productions were suspended during the pandemic. And working on the set, however satisfying and exhausting it may be, is stressful. That is why in the photo he does not somehow resemble an unhappy man (as opposed to how he looked during a high-profile interviewin which Jada Pinkett Smith talked about her affair).

This is one of the good parts of the last year – many of us slowed down for a while, started to appreciate what they had and stopped worrying about unimportant things. Like those few extra pounds, for example.

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