Will Smith has gained a lot of weight in a pandemic!

Will Smith is an American actor known for such hits as Men in Black, Bad Boys For Life, I’m a Legend or In Pursuit of Happiness. Over the years, he has accustomed us to the fact that on the screen he always has the perfect, highly athletic figure that his Hollywood colleagues would envy him. But that has just changed! The latest photo on Instagram shows Will Smith without a shirt and with a visibly thicker belly! What happened to the actor’s body?

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Will Smith gained weight during the pandemic

The photo of Will Smith without a shirt with a visible belly may be a shock not only for cinema fans, but also for loyal followers of the famous actor’s social accounts. But he sincerely wrote underneath it:

I’ll be honest with you – I’ve never been in worse shape in my life!

So he did what Hollywood celebrities fear like fire. Because even if they have excessive kilograms, they try not to show them, but to camouflage them well. Will Smith, however, shows what the reality is after a year of the pandemic …

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Will Smith has apparently skipped his diet and exercised much less in the last few months. Anyway, probably like most of the stars. This is probably why his Instagram post has already been liked by almost 7 million people, and almost 90,000 commented. Most of these people chose comments that were either funny or expressing the courage to show the truth. “This is the most important pst on social media,” “Thanks for your courage,” they write.

Arnold Schwarzeneger also joined the comments and wrote:

I cry with you (…) but you still look better than 90% of Americans. Press on!

And how do you rate it?

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