Will Smith in his youth borrowed money from a drug dealer to pay his taxes

King Richard movie premiere in London

King Richard movie premiere in London

Before he got a role in the series “Bajer w Bel-Air”, he did not sin with excess cash. His financial problems were stacked up when the tax office asked him to pay back tax for two and a half years. To bounce back, Will Smith borrowed $ 10,000 from a fellow drug dealer. The actor admitted to this not very glorious episode at a meeting devoted to his autobiography.

In the late 1980s, Will Smith was a rapper and operated under the pseudonym The Fresh Prince. At that time, he was quite reckless when it came to financial matters. What this led to him he told Idris Elba, who hosted an authoring meeting for the book “Will.” Smith confessed that he did not pay taxes for two and a half years at the time. Smith’s hit single, “Girls Aint Nothing But Trouble”, sold 3 million copies. “America is a big country. I thought I didn’t need money from everyone. But Uncle Sam demanded money and I didn’t have it,” recalled the actor .

Smith knew he was no joke with the tax, so in the end he decided to pay the back taxes. His musical success was to help him in this. Will hoped to release the album quickly and regain liquidity. Unfortunately, the project didn’t work out, so Smith had to sell all his assets – a newly purchased house, cars, and motorbike. This, however, was not enough to pay off the debt. “I also borrowed $ 10,000 from a friend of mine who was a local pharmaceutical supplier,” Smith revealed. What he called his colleague’s profession made the audience laugh as the audience knew it was a drug dealer.

Thanks to this loan, Will was able to pay off the missing part of the tax debt and was able to afford to move from Philadelphia to Los Angeles, where he wanted to pursue an acting career. There he achieved success very quickly. In 1990, he signed with NBC to participate in the series “Bajer of Bel-Air”, which became one of the most popular sitcoms in America.

More interesting facts from the life of this star are brought by his autobiography entitled “Will”. The book will be published in Polish on November 24. (PAP Life)

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