Will Smith: in the 1980s the police called me “niggers” more than once

“I grew up in Philadelphia under Mayor Rizzo, who was previously the city’s chief of police and had an iron fist,” recalls Will Smith in the “On One with Angel Rye” podcast. He says that as a teenager he was repeatedly arrested by policemen under any pretext. Officers insulted him because of the color of his skin – “I’ve been challenged by niggers at least 10 times” – says the actor, emphasizing that hostile attitude towards black people is not a fabrication.

The 51-year-old supports the Black Lives Matter movement and believes the current protests will help fight back racismand is grateful to all the people who support Black Lives Matter.

Will Smith on racism

– The circumstances are unprecedented. I have the impression that the whole world is sending a message to African Americans – “We can see you and we can hear you. How can we help you in your fight?” We as a society have never been to this place before, says Smith. However, he cautions not to get over the rage that leads to aggression. In his opinion, the most effective way of fighting is not responding with aggression to aggression.

– Peaceful demonstrations become a mirror for the torturer. The calmer they are, the clearer the reflection. The anger of those who are discriminated against is legitimate, but it can also be dangerous. I am working on controlling my negative emotions in this regard, the actor confesses.

After all, Smith does not believe that racism in the United States can be completely eradicated, much less in this generation. However, he is hopeful for future generations.

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