Will Smith inserts body positive photos. The fans are thrilled

We have been talking about body positivity and the celebration of various shapes for a long time, but there is no need to hide – most of the photos we receive concern mainly women. When Will Smith posted a photo of his pandemic figure on Instagram, he not only disenchanted the image of “ideal” celebrities, but also showed that men can look completely different too – and that’s fine.

“I’ll be honest with you. I’m in the worst form of life,” wrote Will Smith under a photo he posted on Instagram a few days ago. In the photo we see Smith wearing slippers and boxer shorts, and his pose and body are not something we are used to on celebrity Instagram stories, who are often portrayed in a way that makes us question whether they are even human.

Will Smith shows off his post-pandemic body and announces his transformation

“This is the best post in the history of social media”, “Thank you! Are we not all looking like this during a pandemic?” – we can read in the comments under the photo, which collected 6.4 million likes. The post published by Will Smith caused quite a stir, which brought to the fore the issue of male body positivity, which so far has often been a subject not so much taboo, but simply overlooked.

While over six million responses to the photo seem spectacular, Will Smith broke the bank with another post that was viewed over 22 million times.

“This body has taken me through the whole pandemic and countless days of grazing in the pantry. I love it, but I wish I could FEEL better. No more muffins eaten at midnight! Will Smith wrote under a looped boomerang that shows his body in all its glory – with all the rollers, extra pounds and a huge dose of confidence.

Although he is grateful to his body for helping him during the hard days during the coronavirus pandemic, Smith has announced a transformation that will be available soon on the YouTube platform. Gwiazdor emphasized that he wanted to regain not only health, but also well-being.

We hope that the whole thing will be as real and without any artificial envelope as his last photos. Maybe it’s time to lift another taboo, that is publishing photos “before and after” without showing the hard road that has to be taken, repeatedly experiencing failures?

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