Will Smith, Jada Pinkett’s Hollywood empire in financial, marital crisis

Jada Pinkett and Will Smith reportedly going through financial crisis following separation

Will Smith, Jada Pinkett’s Hollywood empires damaged by money and marital woes

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith have experienced a turbulent past few years, which has impacted their finances.

The couple made headlines after the actress revealed in her memoir that they had been separated for nearly a decade, worthreleased last year.

a year ago, king richard The actor sparked backlash after he slapped comedian Chris Rock on air for joking about Jada’s hair loss at the Oscars.

A new report comes from Contact once a week It was suggested that the pair’s production company Westbrook had suffered a severe loss in terms of revenue and had completed a new deal following the bitter controversy.

Their intention to sell the entertainment business to the highest bidder was also frustrated by the decline in the value of the business in the market.

“Will and Jada’s empire is hurting,” the insider insists. “These are cash crunch times, which has them scrambling to cut expenses and work overtime to make more money so they don’t fall into the red.”

They added: “They were trying not to panic but their luck was terrible.”

Beyond the technical fallout, Will and Jada’s career prospects looked bleak.this girls trip Following the cancellation of social media Watch Originals, the star’s Facebook talk show “Red Table Talk” was also canceled by Meta.

Additionally, Smith’s choice of movies hasn’t been able to meet usual box office standards for some time.

The insider noted that the couple’s $42 million Calabasas (California) mansion is “extremely expensive to run,” adding: “The ongoing renovations are costing them a fortune.”

Rest assured, the two are determined to get through the tough times together and, according to a source, “They’re not afraid of hard work.”

“Yes, they have grown apart, but they still consider themselves an important team and a force in Hollywood,” they added. “Time will tell whether that is the case.”

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