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There is no point in dragging – Will Smith is one of Hollywood’s biggest stars todaythat we can watch on the screen. The popular actor has been working for his status for over two decades and has managed to prove to doubters that he can find himself in literally any film genre. We watched him in action movies, dramas, biographical productions, comedies and thrillers, which is the best proof of his talent.

And with this Will Smith takes movies to a whole new level. Watching it on the screen is a great pleasure and I will not hide that I am his big fan. I’ve always had a weakness for productions in which he has performed – and there have been many of these over the last few decades. Of course, there were also worse ones, so it’s definitely worth sifting the grain from the chaff.

For this reason today’s movie ranking will focus on the top ten positionsin which we could watch a talented actor. Of course, for the sake of the genre shot, your letters may look completely different – in that case, feel free to share them in the comments section! Meanwhile, without extension, let’s get to the point!

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It was called Bagger Vance (2000) – TOP 13 – Will Smith movies

The list opens with quite an interesting and unusual production from the turn of the century, in which Will Smith plays the role of an advisor to a popular golfer. He is constantly giving him advicewhich, however, apply not only to sport, but above all to life. A production from which you can really learn a lot.

His name was Bagger Vance (2000) - Will Smith movies

Where Does Your Day Take You (1992) – TOP 12 – Will Smith movies

A wonderful picture of Hollywood that is rarely seen on television – a perspective from a slightly inferior part of society, where drugs, lawlessness and fights are the order of the day. And though the hero of our text does not play a huge role here, still managed to stamp its mark on production, taking many scenes to the next level.

Where Does Your Day Take You (1992) - Will Smith films

Hitch (2005) – TOP 11 – Will Smith movies

Will in a romantic comedy? No problem! For the purposes of this production, he plays the role of Alex Hitchens – a guy who helps shy men in romantic courtship. However, when he begins to feel butterflies in his stomach, he completely forgets his advice and begins to understand how hard it is to put them into practice.

Hitch (2005) - Will Smith movies

Me, Robot (2004) – TOP 10 – Will Smith movies

A great science fiction thriller from Alex Proyasthat raised a loud topic related to the meaning of AI. There, Will played a detective tasked with tracking down the murderer of the robot maker of 2035. The man finds a clue that allows him to believe that the cruel and brutal crime is by no means human …

Me, Robot (2004) - Will Smith movies

Independence Day (1996) – TOP 9 – Will Smith movies

One of the most famous theatrical productions and magnum opus from director Roland Emmerich. It is difficult to find a person today who does not know this film, so it is not necessary to dwell too much on the fact that the plot focuses on an alien attack on New York. What was the fundamental value of the production were special effects – even today they seem to defend themselves.

Independence Day (1996) - Will Smith films

I’m a Legend (2007) – TOP 8 – Will Smith movies

If you liked The Last of Us and spent tens of hours in Days Gone, you will also like “I Am Legend”! A wonderful story about a decimated humanity and a lonely scientist trying to survive in the middle of turmoil and discover a vaccine that can save the world from destruction.

I'm a Legend (2007) - Will Smith movies

Bad Boys (1995) – TOP 7 – Will Smith movies

Let those who have not heard a single track from the excellent soundtrack to this movie throw the first stone! Michael Bay’s loudest work and undoubtedly a showcase of his style. Will Smith played the role of a policeman from the drug fighting unit, who, together with his partner, was tasked with recovering stolen heroin expenditures. There are chases, there are explosions … There is everything!

Bad Boys (1995) - Will Smith movies

The Public Enemy (1998) – TOP 6 – Will Smith movies

When Robert Clayton Dean (Will Smith) comes into possession of classified documents that could completely destroy the network of corrupt government agents, he becomes their target. Surviving in such a world will not be easybut if he intends to provide evidence of guilt, he will have to become a public enemy and face many adversities.

The Public Enemy (1998) - Will Smith films

Ali (2001) – TOP 5 – Will Smith movies

The top five is opened by a very good biographical film about Muhammad Ali – one of the best boxers in the history of sport and an extraordinary personality who she contributed to many important events in the social arenas and political. Will Smith fit in perfectly with the way Cassius Clay is perceived today, so he deserves all praise for it.

Ali (2001) - Will Smith movies

The Sixth Degree of Separation (1993) – TOP 4 – Will Smith movies

Almost thirty years old drama, but it should definitely be mentioned here. It was a great adaptation of John Guare’s popular play about how easy it is to cheat and prey on a good human heart. The parasite here is the mysterious Paul (Will Smith), who takes advantage of a poor couple.

The Sixth Degree of Separation (1993) - Will Smith films

Seven Souls (2008) – TOP 3 – Will Smith movies

On the lowest step of the podium, I decided to put the video that can cause considerable controversy. Personally, however, I believe that how well he poses questions related to existence and how he approaches the fundamental aspects of life is on an outstanding level. Be sure to give it a chance, because it is a strong adventure.

Seven Souls (2008) - Will Smith films

In Pogoni za Szczęściem (2006) – TOP 2 – Will Smith films

Beautiful biographical film about Chris Gardner, who touches the heart as little as possible. A huge dose of motivation and a demonstration that a person can achieve literally anything. A real kick to action and a true story based on true inspiration. When the whole world seems to be against us, remember that we always have someone to fight for.

In Pogoni za Szczęściem (2006) - Will Smith films

Men in Black (1997) – TOP 1 – Will Smith movies

A wonderful comedy! Although you may have a different opinion about all the later editions, there is no doubt that the former was really outstanding. I do another screening myself from time to time and I have the same fun every time. The chemistry between Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones is top notch here. You just need to know this movie!

Men in Black (1997) - Will Smith movies

Will Smith movies – Summary

The ranking of the films it consisted of thirteen interesting items with Will Smith behind us. I hope that among the above-mentioned ones you have found some interesting ones, which may make you enjoy the upcoming evenings. A large number of these productions are timeless and even if a few years have passed since the premiere, they are still worth getting interested in – from time to time I return to the greatest classics myself and I do not regret it at all.

Will Smith and high-profile movies today are terms that often go hand in hand. So if, in addition to those listed above, you have your favorite, once again, I encourage you to mention it in the comments. It is impossible to contain all the productions worth checking, and it is not possible to completely get rid of a certain dose of subjective approach.

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