Will Smith Reveals And The Psychedelic Journey Foretelling | “I’ve seen my career go up in smoke

Will Smith reveals and the psychedelic journey foreboding: “I’ve seen my career go up in smoke, all my money fly away and my house destroyed” (On Monday 23 May 2022)
“I’ve been drinking and it usually takes about 45 minutes to get in the mood. I was sitting there and shortly after I have seen mine career to go in smokeI began to see all the my money fly away, I have seen mine home destroyed“. In hindsight, these words spoken by Will Smith in the new talk “My next guest needs no introduction” by David Letterman they have all the air of a prophecy. When the interview was recorded last February, in fact, the events of the Night of the Oscars still had to occur, when the actor slapped Chris Rock worldwide: now that the episode has been aired, many are seeing us a kind of …Read on ilfattoquotidiano


twitterFraLauricella : RT @FraLauricella: ??? # Film THIS EVENING in #tv ?? 21.12 mediaset20 I am legend with Will Smith, Alice Braga 21.13 IRIS The touch of evil… – Screenweek : # BadBoys4 with #WillSmith is still under development. This was confirmed by the CEO of Sony Pictires, # TomRothman… – spanishBitch___ : RT @mrshevrondalee: another thing I only discovered now, 15 hours after the protest: and it has passed on the sly however ‘the internet’ makes us sick … – comingsoonit : Bad Boys 4, despite #WillSmith’s gesture at the Oscars cost him a good part of his reputation, he’s not at the mo… – badtasteit : #WillSmith talks to David Letterman about ‘family’ and ‘grief’ in pre-Oscars taped interview –

Will Smith talks to David Letterman about ‘family’ and ‘grief’ in an interview taped before the Oscars

The new episode starring Will Smith of No Introduction Needed with David Letterman, on Netflix, opens with the caption: ‘This episode was recorded before the 2022 Academy Awards ceremony.’ Before …

From Friday the 13th to Justice League: 10 scenes the actors refused to shoot

In some cases, the same interpreters have even refused to shoot a scene: we talk about it in today’s gallery, crowded with big names like Gal Gadot, Will Smith and Eddie Murphie. …

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Jacobs pure gold: “Rome has entered my heart”

The presentation of the Golden Gala at the Olimpico with the king of Tokyo: “I want to give back what the city has given me”. President FIDAL Mei: “Seven blue Olympic champions at the Golden, a dream”.

on June 9 the Pietro Mennea Golden Gala returns to the Olympic in Rome

The 400-meter Olympic champion, Shaunae Miller-Uibo from Bahamian, who will find on her way the world and European 200-meter champion, the British Dina Asher-Smith (bronze in Tokyo …

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