Will Smith showed his belly after the pandemic. He will dump it along with YouTube

Will Smith showed a bulky belly that he had grown up during the pandemic. “I love this body, but I want to feel better,” wrote the actor, who will now be in the best shape of his life with YouTube.

“I’ll be honest with all of you – I’m in the worst form of my life,” Will Smith wrote on his Instagram profile, posting a garden photo showing his pandemic belly. According to research, more than 60 percent admitted to gaining weight after the pandemic. Americans, so the picture of one of the most popular actors of the 90s with a visible belly was for many people an act of body-positive expression.

In his next post, the actor added that he loves his body, but wants to feel better with it, so he starts trying to get back into shape. “This is the body that took me through the entire pandemic and countless days of grazing in the pantry. I love this body, but I want to feel better. No more midnight muffins, that’s it. I’ll do the best form of my life,” wrote the actor, announcing the same that he cooperates with YouTube and it is within its framework that he will come to form. So we will probably be able to accompany the actor, following his struggles and trying to deal with our own pandemic overweight – if we want to do it, of course. If the few more kilos gained over the last year do not bother you and you feel good in your body, then we are absolutely not persuading you to do anything.

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