Will Smith turned down starring role in one of the best movies ever made

in 2012, quentin tarantino Premiere’django unchained, a Western that became one of the best movies of the decade.Surprisingly Will Smith He was able to become part of the cast of this successful film, however, the actor declined this offer, leaving Jamie Foxx in the lead role.

“Protagonist” a few years laterI am a legend‘He explained his reasons for turning down the role. In an interview, he explained that, in his opinion, DjangoThe protagonist of the story, the character he is meant to play, does not make decisions for himself but follows the orders of Dr. Kim Schultz, as stated Retwei on their website.

“Django is not the leader! I need to be the leader, not another character. Quentin, please let me kill the bad guys,” Will Smith asked the director, but when the actor tried to change the director’s mind, he wouldn’t. Get it and be left out of the movie.


But that wasn’t the only reason he was left out, the translator said: “I wanted to tell the greatest African-American love story ever told. Quentin and I sat there for hours. I wanted to play this role so bad, But I wanted it to be a love story, not revenge,” he said. “Violence only begets violence. I don’t want that to be the answer, it has to be love,” her husband added. Jada Pinkett Smith.

the fact is jamie foxx Responsible for embodying Django He won two statuettes for his work: Best Original Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor. Christoph Waltz.

Will Smith isn’t the only one turning down Django

According to the above media reports, the father Jaden and Willow Smith He’s not the only one refusing to cooperate quentin tarantino.In fact, for Kevin Costner They also offered him a role in the movie ‘Django Unchained’“, translated into Spanish, but due to scheduling issues he had to turn down the role of Ace Woody. His replacement was Kurt Russell, which also did not appear in the film because the filming schedule was too slow for his liking. In the end the director decided to delete the character.

Kevin Costner

Stallone He was another actor who declined to take part in the famous feature film. The reason: “I have two daughters, and this guy’s hobby is to put some teenagers in a car and slam them into a wall. That’s not right,” the actor explained.

success django unchained

Movie” quentin tarantino told king schulz (Christoph Waltz), a German bounty hunter who is tracking some murderers, promised the black slave Django (jamie foxx) Release him if you help him capture them. He accepted because at that time he wanted to find his wife Broomhilda (Kerry Washington), a slave on the plantation of landowner Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCaprio).

The film was a huge success in the film industry, despite Will Smith He wanted no part of it; instead, he jamie foxx He won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance. The actor gave a masterful interpretation of the character, and his work was crucial to the film’s good standing.

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