Will Smith will create a special comedy show for Netflix. What do we know about him?

Will Smith is set to host a special comedy show for Netflix. It will be the first such opportunity for him.

Will Smith will create a comedy show for Netflix

According to Deadline, an hour-long special episode will include guest appearances by stars, lots of conversations with interesting people, fresh comedy skits, and musical performances and “other attractions”. Unfortunately, we do not know yet what the name of the program will be, nor who exactly will perform during it.

The company will take care of the production Will Smith, Westbrook Studios. The actor himself will be the executive producer of the project, along with other Westbrook board members – Terence Carter, Miguel Mendez and Sahara Bushue.

A special program Will Smith is to debut on Netflix in 2021. The production is to be available on the global market.

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I don’t think we need to disturb Will Smith. He is one of the greatest movie stars in history, as well as a talented drama actor, nominated twice for an Oscar for “Ali” and “In pursuit of happiness”. The latest interesting project by Smith and Westbrook is the series “Bel-Air”, that is, a modernized version “Bajera z Bel-Air”, which was Smith’s passport to fame.

The Peacock streaming platform purchased the rights to the new series and ordered it right away 2 production seasons. Unfortunately, “Bel-Air” release date, and Will Smith’s comedy special will remain unknown.

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