Will Smith will shoot a documentary series about how he fights …

During the pandemic, many of us began to struggle with excess weight. Will Smith is one of the people who spent several months in isolation with extra kilos. The actor in a post published on Instagram recently revealed that he spent the past year on uncontrolled overeating, which had suffered his muscular figure so far. In order not to be groundless, he posted this confession along with a photo showing what his body currently looks like. Although Smith has no intention of feeling sorry for himself, as he admits, he dreams of making a radical change in his lifestyle and returning to his former importance.

The actor has announced that he is going to undergo a visual makeover, and he will show his struggle in an upcoming documentary series. “This is the body that took me through the entire pandemic and the countless days I grazed in my pantry. I love this body, but I want to feel better in it. No midnight muffins… This is it! of your life. I hope you will succeed! ” Smith wrote. And he revealed that he has collaborated with YouTube, where you will be able to view a document showing his struggle for a slim figure and physical fitness.

The six-episode series entitled “Best Shape of My Life” will be released next year. “Smith is challenging himself to improve every aspect of his fitness – from mobility to strength to recovery. He will be helped by special guests including professional athletes, coaches and a wide variety of experts,” the press release reads. As the hero of the upcoming production emphasized, its goal is to motivate others to be active. And proving that making a lifestyle change into a healthier one is possible no matter how neglected our condition is.

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