Will Smith will star in the new thriller from creator John Wick

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February 8, 2021, 13:53

Will Smith and David Leitch will create for us a new action movie about a man who tries to regain his memory, remembering the details of his turbulent life.

Deadline service givesThat there are plans for a new hit thriller, which will be done by some big names. The largest world factories are to be involved in the production process itself ?? including Warner Bros., Sony, MGM Paramount, and some streaming giants (though we don’t know exactly which ones yet). The title of the work is Fast & Loose and we even know its director and main star.

Behind the camera will be David Leitch, a man who knows what a big-budget action movie can do. He made the first part John Wick, Deadpool 2, Atomic Blondeand also Fast and liquid: Hobbs and Shaw. If you’ve watched one of the mentioned films, you understand that we are dealing with a real professional who is not afraid to use bold stylistic means.

Will Smith will star in the new thriller from creator John Wick - Illustration # 1

What did David Leitch come up with this time?

The main role of w Fast & Loose Will Smith will play and this gentleman does not need to be introduced to anyone. Only his activities in recent years may be puzzling, as these are at least pale in comparison to his earlier filmography. It is true that he played Jina in the acting Aladdinand returned to the role of Mike in another installment of the series Bad Boys, but it cannot be denied that these are not particularly outstanding productions in their genre.

The fictional idea for the film itself is in a positive mood. The story will focus on John Riley, a man who has completely lost his memory. With time, however, he begins to remember the details of his life and comes to the conclusion that it led to a strange life ?? on the one hand, he was an influential criminal, indulging in luxury, and on the other, a CIA agent operating under cover, without a family or a home. Which of these identities was 100% real? This hero will have to find out for himself.

The premiere date of the work is unknown.

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