Will the DC Universe recast Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman?

Now more than ever there is speculation about the panorama of the Universe A.D. With James Gunn and Peter Safran who now work as co-CEO of the DC Studiosthe possibility of a fully connected universe of film, television and video game adaptations has never looked so bright.

But the couple’s “bible” has already led to some surprising changes to the existing canon, like the recent news that Henry Cavill will be replaced by Clark Kent / Superman, with a new, younger actor set to play the character in a film written by Gunn. This, coupled with the recent news that the iteration of Wonder Woman 3 Of Patty Jenkins is no longer in the works, it begged the question of what the future of the star of the franchise, Gal Gadot. THE DC Studios they could eventually remake the role of Diana Prince / Wonder Woman to Gadot, or could it be one of the few previous components that remain around?

While the CEO of the Warner Bros. Discovery, David Zaslavhe repeatedly indicated Wonder Woman as one of the most important components of the DC franchise going forward, it hasn’t necessarily been clear whether or not it will be Gadot. Previously, some rumors had suggested that Gadot could make a cameo of her character in two of the upcoming 2023 DC films: Shazam! Fury of the Gods and The Flash, but recent reports have indicated that his cameo has been cut from the latter film. This leaves the doubt whether the Wonder Woman of Gadot may remain in the franchise in the future, or if it can be reinstated in favor of another actress who is not tied to the always thorny lore of the “Snyderverse.”

Will the DC Universe restart?

Zack Snyder’s Justice League

As Gunn hinted on social media amid rumors, the plan going forward is to tell a cohesive story in service of the characters A.Dbut the decisions made to get there “will not make every single person happy every step of the way.”

At this point it is unclear whether this will involve a complete reboot of the cinematic continuity or not, other than the news of the change of Cavill in the role of SupermanGunn and Safran have been confirmed to hook up with Gadot’s co-star in Justice Leaguethe actor of Bruce Wayne/Batman Ben Affleckabout the possibility of directing a film for i DC Studios. It’s unclear if the meeting was also about Affleck possibly returning to play Batman, as Gunn has hinted that Batman will have a significant part in the main DCU, or if Affleck could step behind the camera and have a new role.

There is also a rumor that one of Gadot’s other co-stars in Justice League, Jason Momoacould finish interpreting Arthur Curry / Aquaman after Aquaman and the Lost Realm of next year, but he could return to the DC Universe as the alien bounty hunter Lobo. With Cavill being recast, the star of The Flash Ezra Miller that he would be done with the franchise for other reasons and the future of Affleck and Momoa in their roles nebulous, it would certainly be a choice to keep only Gadot in the future and surround her with new re-entered versions of the Justice League. It certainly wouldn’t be an impossible decision, given how beloved Gadot has become in the role, but it would still be a singular choice.

Will Gal Gadot still be Wonder Woman?

Gadot’s social media posts certainly didn’t help this ambiguity: just days before the release of Wonder Woman 3 of Jenkins, wrote on Instagram that he’s excited about the character’s “next chapter.” We’ll just have to wait and see if this post ends up heralding what’s to come, or if it’s similar to Cavill’s previous post announcing now-canceled plans for his own Superman.

“On this day, a few years ago, the first announcement was made that I was to play Wonder WomanGadot wrote. “I was so grateful for the opportunity to play such an incredible and iconic character and more than anything I am grateful to YOU. The fans. The most amazing, warmest and most loving fans in the world. I’m still pinching myself to see if I’ll wake up. I can’t wait to share his next chapter with you.”

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