‘The Irishman’ debut on Netflix on Thanksgiving Day

Martin Scorsese’s high profile mafia image could have been a blessing for movie exhibitors

At the end of 2013, The Wolf of Wall Street by Martin Scorsese debuted with $34.2 million at the United States box office. During the five-day holiday on Christmas Day on the way to raise $392 million worldwide and get numerous Oscar nominations.

Six years later, The Irishman of Scorsese is overlooking a traditional film screen launch and, instead, debut on Netflix on November 27, the beginning of the lucrative Thanksgiving. Following Netflix’s continued increase, several new high-profile streamers, including Disney + and Apple TV +, were launched this month armed with enough original programming to attract a large subscriber base.

“You have to see it holistically. I don’t think The Irishman makes people stay at home and away from movie theatres, but I do think it’s a symbol of a tendency for great content to be available in streaming, ”analyst Rich Greenfield told Wall Street from LightShed Partners. However, others disagree: “It’s not an all or nothing proposition,” says box office analyst Paul Dergarabedian of Comscore.

“Going to the movies is still a vital part of our entertainment diet,” says Dergarabedian. “And while the release of an important movie on a streaming platform will attract a large number of viewers, this does not mean a disaster for cinemas or, for that matter, any other activity outside the home.”

Netflix is notoriously elusive when it comes to publishing audience data. Exceptions include El Camino, the sequel to the broadcast of Breaking Bad television hit, which was seen $25.7 million times in its first week, the company said. In 2018, Bird Box became a sensation of cold water after debuting on December 21, but then the transmitter later reported that 45 million accounts saw the science fiction thriller during the holidays.

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