Will they build the world’s largest city at sea? There is a plan

Floating city in the waters of the Red Sea under construction will cover an area of ​​48 square kilometers and will be the world’s largest structure at sea.

“Oxagon will be a catalyst for the kingdom’s economic growth. It will develop Saudi Arabia’s trade and become the next focal point in global trade flows,” the prince said.

Project executive Neom Nadmi al-Nasr said Oxagon will bring “a fundamental change in the perception of what industrial centers are like. It will be a versatile city, offering its inhabitants unique living conditions“.

According to the project, the city will become the center of the base industry on advanced technologiesdominated by the sectors of sustainable energy, autonomous mobility, digital and space.

The plan is to supply Oxagon with energy that comes entirely from renewable sources. The Suez Canal, in the vicinity of which the city will be built, is crossed by 13 percent. global trade.

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