Will this fake AI-created Drake song win a Grammy Award?

Artificial intelligence continues to disrupt industries. Currently, music is in the spotlight. A Drake song, entirely generated by AI, is causing a buzz.

Music has always been the epicenter of human creativity. But today, this fake Drake song created by AI could change music history. The question is whether this technological innovation can really win a Grammy Award.

The meteoric rise of Heart on My Sleeve

A TikTok user sowed controversy by posting a fake song. This song, a duet with The Weeknd, captured global attention. It went viral in no time. Today, this same song positions itself to compete at the Grammys.

Ghostwriter, the creator, submitted “Heart on My Sleeve” to the Grammys in two major categories. However, complications arose. Drake’s song had to be removed from streaming platforms due to legal threats. But, the lyrics written by Ghostwriter make this song eligible for the music industry’s highest honor.

This is where the debate begins. The song imitated the vocal styles of Drake and The Weeknd without their consent. However, the words being of human origin, it remains eligible.

Drake’s song created by AI and the Recording Academy’s verdict

Harvey Mason Jr. of the Recording Academy gave his take on the technology. According to him, a song created with a partial contribution from artificial intelligence, like Drake’s, could be eligible. She will not be excluded as long as there is a significant human component.

Later, Ghostwriter introduced “Whiplash,” another AI-assisted creation. She imagines a duet between Travis Scott and 21 Savage. Once again, there is a petition for wider distribution in exchange for the profits generated.

Ghostwriter clearly sees the future of music in AI. For him, this technology allows artists to stand out. But AI is not without its detractors. It front of ethical and legal concerns, some say we must adapt to this development. However, Mason expressed concerns about the unpredictable impact of AI on the industry.

The Grammy nominations are coming up. Members will vote between October 11 and 20. If Drake’s song is nominated, it will mark a turning point in Grammy history. The world eagerly awaits November 10 for the announcements. The ceremony will take place on February 4, 2024and it could well revolutionize the music industry.

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