Will Xbox receive the PlayStation equivalent of “platinum trophies”? Microsoft “definitely hears” the players

As you know, players can earn achievements on the Xbox, but the “calak”, that is, getting 1000 points, for many fans of the American corporation, is not tantamount to the “platinum” known from PlayStation consoles. Some fans of Microsoft devices would like to receive similar prizes as players from, among others, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, and as it turns out – Redmond corporate representatives hear these opinions.

Jason Ronald, Xbox director of project management, was interviewed by the host of the Iron Lords podcast, can Microsoft provide “Platinum equivalent from Sony, so that after completing the game, there is some kind of recognition” for the player. As it turns out, Microsoft is aware of the community’s interest.

“We definitely heard this feedback. The achievements are interesting because everyone plays the games differently. So we’re really thinking about how to reward people for playing the way you want and the games you want? There are a few players who just prefer to play multiplayer. What are we doing to reward them, show them progress and things like that? There are also other people who like to play a ton of different productions, so how can we respect their decision? And then there are other people like me who are all kissing minded and literally want to finish everything in the game. So, it is a balance, and this is definitely an area about which we have heard several opinions. I have nothing to announce today, but it is definitely the most important thing for us when we look at the immediate plans. “

As you know, platinum is considered a real distinction by many players and there are many cup hunters who play to receive such rewards. We can assume that Microsoft is planning a certain equivalent, but in this case the company wants to provide attractions for a wide audience – not only for people who intend to complete the adventures in 100%.

Jason Ronald also confirmed that his team’s current task is to improve recording options and share material.

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