William and Kate, the face of the monarchy in crisis by Covid-19

The duke and duchess of Cambridge have been working hard to address the health crisis affecting the Uk and its image as the future kings of the nations is becoming more and more clear and strong

In the midst of the health crisis by Covid-19, Kate Middleton and the prince William treading stronger than ever as the future kings of Great Britain and the United Kingdom, because we have taken the baton as representatives of the crown, the closeness with their nation is visibly accepted by those who see with pleasure that they will reign in the not too distant future.

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Catherine of Cambridge, 38 years old, and William of Cambridge, 37, have your agenda full of commitments with associations and foundations, who have shown their full support in the midst of the pandemic by the novel coronavirus. Even collaborated with the radio program “Mental Health Minute”, which seeks to raise awareness about the importance of mental health with characters such as the boxer Anthony Joshuathe singer Dua Lipathe footballer Harry Kane and the actor David Tennant.

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“It is encouraging to Great Britain, particularly to the royalists, to see how will be the future of the royal familywho have done everything possible to not be seen as a distant people,” said the journalist Katie Nichollaccording to Daily Mail.

On the other hand, also a writer Roya Nikkhah confessed to the BBC that “the most intelligent that Cambridge have done is that we have always been given a little glimpse of your personal life, how it is to be home with George, Charlotte and Louis, for the people to understand that they are going through things similar to what all the others are going through.”

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In case outside little, the daughter-in-law of prince Charles of Wales has seized the opportunity to commend the work of the queen Elizabeth II the face of the crisis by Covid-19since he has shown concern for their nations, and has remained closer than ever of his family and of the English people, while the sovereign continues protected and Windsor castle.

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