Willow Smith confessed that she is polyamorous. What does it mean?

Celebrity relationships arouse great interest among Internet usersespecially when they openly talk about their preferences. A few months ago, the confession of Monika Miller, the granddaughter of the former prime minister, was widely echoed Leszek Millerwhich revealed that she is pansexual, that is, she falls in love with a man, but not with his gender.

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Recently, she decided to make an equally surprising confession Willow Smith, daughter of actors Will Smith and Jady Pinkett-Smith. In the Facebook program “Red Table Talk” she revealed that the idea of ​​polyamory is close to her. What does it mean?

Willow Smith confessed that she is polyamorous. What does it mean?

The 20-year-old sees no obstacles to bonding with several partners at the same time. Willow Smith chose this one coming out incl. in the presence of your grandmother, Gammy Banfield Norris. In turn, the teen’s mother asked her in front of viewers when she discovered that she was polyamorous.

I feel that the basic foundation of love is the freedom to create relationships in which we fulfill ourselves, no matter how many there areand not going into monogamy because that is what other people expect of us, “confessed Willow Smith.

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The actors’ daughter added that if more people accepted polyamorous relationships, there would not be many divorces due to adultery. She added that in this type of relationship, the most important thing for her is the freedom that polyamory gives, and not sex. She confessed:

Both mum and grandmother expressed their understanding for Willow Smith’s decision. Gammy Banfield Norris stated on the vision that although she would not decide to have relationships with several people at the same time, she also thought about it at one time..

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Willow Smith – who is this?

Willow Smith was born on October 31, 2000. Like her parents Will Smith and Jady Pinkett Smith, she went into acting. She made her debut in 2007 with the role in the movie “I am a legend”. Then she played, among others in the movie “American Girl”.

Willow Smith also fulfills herself as a singer. She has several songs to her credit, including the hit debut single “Whip My Hair”, with which she was on the 11th place of the US hit list “Billboard Hot 100”.

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