Windows 11: Explorer will speed up – when you turn off integration with Office

The search engine in Windows 11 Explorer may soon speed up, but unfortunately at the expense of functionality. Microsoft is testing the option to disable integration with, thanks to which the search engine also looks among files stored in the cloud.

According to Windows Latest, Microsoft is working on the possibility of disabling the system search engine integration with the platform. This is an option that was introduced in 2019. Back then, Windows 10 gained the ability to search for files stored in the OneDrive cloud – also in File Explorer. Unfortunately, in parallel, the search engine started to suffer from numerous problems related to performance.

As it turns out, these can continue to this day, and one of the reasons is just searching on OneDrive drives. The tested option to disable the integration with Office will deprive the user of the option of quickly reaching files stored in the cloud, but it should also noticeably speed up the search engine in Explorer, which from then on will only work locally. It is worth knowing that “cloud” proposals will also disappear from the recommendations section in the Start Menu.

Planned option to disable Explorer's search engine integration with the platform
Image source: © Windows Latest

Planned option to disable Explorer’s search engine integration with the platform

Windows 11 will also soon support a new key combination that will allow you to quickly copy the path to a given file or directory. Currently, it is necessary to use the mouse and the context menu, which due to controversial animations, turns on very slowly in some situations.

At the moment, no specific date of introducing the described novelties to the system is known. Windows 11, however, is expected to get a large package of novelties in mid-2022. If the new options have not been implemented by one of the cumulative updates by then, it will most likely be their release date.

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