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The unsuccessful Wisła Kraków lost another match – this time against Radomiak Radom. Thanks to the goal of Karol Angielski at the beginning of the match, the newcomer won his fifth consecutive match at the PKO Ekstraklasa level.

Friday’s game was important above all for the hosts, who play tight “check” and could rebound from the bottom of the table with a possible victory. Radomiak, on the other hand, is realizing a dream that no fan of the club from Radom dreamed of after his promotion to PKO Ekstraklasa.

One of the main roles in this dream was played by Aschraf El Mahdioui. A defensive midfielder stepped on Charles of England’s leg and he fell unceremoniously in his opponent’s penalty area. The judge consulted the VAR car for a long time, finally he came to the monitor himself and dictated “eleven”. This was done by English himself and took his team to the lead.

After the scored goal, Radomiak moved further, striving for the next goals. However, there was a lack of specificity and luck, and Mikołaj Biegański managed to hit difficult balls by footballers from Mazovia twice. In the end, however, Wisła Kraków, who played in front of her own audience, began to attack.

From the beginning of the second half, the Vistula was dominating, but it clearly lacked accuracy, which was proved by, for example, Nikola Kuveljić by hitting a slide over the crossbar from the fourth meter. In the 90th minute the Cracovians had only one shot on their account and later this element did not look any better.

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