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He jumps several meters from his teammates, but he is still a little short of the best in the world. Wojciech Fortuna revealed why Stoch did not stand on the podium on Saturday. He also spoke about Kubacki’s weak form.

In the test series in Ruce, Kamil Stoch fired the bomb. From a low in-run he flew up to 141.5 meters and ignited his and the fans’ imaginations. It wasn’t that good in the competition itself. He jumped far, but a few more meters too short to successfully fight for the podium.

After attempts on the 134th and 128th meters, he took the 8th position. If he added three or four meters in each series, he could finish the Saturday competition even on the podium. So what was missing for Stoch’s competition jumps to be as good as those from training?

– David comes too far from the threshold. There is no departing. It was the right height, but you need to bounce more forward, not just up. This is missing from him. You can see that, for now, Dawid is scheming in his jumps, looking for the golden mean and will find it. We will not wait long for the improvement of his form and the other jumpers, apart from Kamil – assures the Olympic champion from Sapporo.

– Jumping is such a discipline that sometimes one good jump is enough to unblock yourself and start jumping well in series. That’s why the boys cannot be deleted. The beginning of the season is difficult, they are jumping on jumps that are not quite suitable for them, but in the vicinity of the Four Hills Tournament everything should be fine – adds our interlocutor.

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