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Garlic is a remedy for many ailments. In autumn and winter, it is an ingredient of immunity potions. In summer, you can feel it walking around the old towns, because it is an indispensable ingredient for pizzas and all kinds of dishes. But can garlic be used as a disinfectant for toilets? Of course.

When cleaning the bathroom, remember about garlic. Just one clove is able to disinfect the toilet bowl. So, if you are a fan of an ecological house, or you have children and you don’t want to use aggressive chemicals to clean the toilet, check out how garlic works in this part of the house. Of course, literally anyone can apply the trick we are going to describe.

Homemade chemistry

Put the garlic in the toilet before going to bed. The effect will surprise you. Why? Not everyone knows that garlic, apart from its anti-inflammatory effect, is also excellent for disinfecting. So it can replace strong chemicals. Due to the content of allicin, garlic inhibits the growth of some infectious microorganisms.

In the case of cold potions, garlic works well as a “domestos”. How to clean a toilet with garlic? It should be peeled and thrown into the toilet. That’s all. In the morning it is necessary to drain the water. Our shell will be disinfected in this way. If you get up and use the bathroom at night, be sure to have garlic ready to put it back in.

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