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Sylwia Madeńska makes great use of her “5 minutes”, which she gained thanks to participation in “Love Island”. The dancer looks better and better every day, which also translates into her popularity. See for yourself!

Although we are now up to date with the fourth edition of the program, participants in the first season of “Love Island” are still in the spotlight. Fans watch them online, while the malicious are waiting to be able to say “I told you so!” If one of the accounts does not survive. However, TV viewers’ favorites do not waste time and, apart from celebrating their feelings, or tearing wounds after unsuccessful relationships, they pursue their careers. Sylwia Madeńska has already shown in the program that dance is close to her and delighted the other participants with a show of her skills.

Sylwia Madeńska and Mikołaj Jędruszczak broke up some time ago. Now the celebrity is really betting on her career. He conducts dance workshops, develops his social media channels and just enjoys life.

Sylwia Madeńska has lost a lot of weight since participating in the program. At one point, her fans even began to wonder if the celebrity and her health were okay. In the end, however, the dancer reached a sensational figure!

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