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Since the first rumors of her father’s treatment of Britney Spears in the media, there is still no shortage of new reports. The next controversial steps Jamie Spears made against his daughter come to light.

For 13 years, she was constantly monitored by her father, who took care of her right after her nervous breakdown. Jamie Spears, however, had power not only over Britney herself, but also over her huge fortune, private life, and as it turns out – even her intimate life. Everything was revealed by a former employee of a security company, once hired by the artist’s father.

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A wiretap was installed in Britney Spears’ bedroom

The media storm around Britney Spears began again shortly after the New York Times editors published “Controlling Britney Spears”. It was there that her ex-bodyguard, hired by the artist’s father, told her that Jamie Spears had ordered her daughter to be controlled in every way. The security company kept him informed on a daily basis about who Britney had contacted on the phone, whom she had texted and what their content was, as well as what pages she was browsing on the web.

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