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As many as thirteen banks have planned service works in the coming days. They can be related to, inter alia, with limited access to some services and problems with card payments. Therefore, it is better to withdraw cash in advance, so as not to experience unpleasant disappointment.

PKO BP, Santander Bank Polska, Bank Pekao, mBank and ING Bank Śląski – these are just some of the institutions that have planned a series of service works for the coming days. For this reason, customers may encounter problems when trying to use certain services . It is worth being aware of this and protect yourself, for example, by withdrawing cash at an ATM.


In the case of PKO BP, the difficulties will last on Sunday from 0.00 to 12.00. During this time, it will be impossible to use the Internet and telephone services of iPKO and iPKO biznes . Additionally, the possibility of paying fees in online stores using the “Pay with iPKO” service will be disabled.

During service work, the iPKO Biznes application will be unavailable, while the IKO application will be limited to withdrawals from ATMs , payments in stationary and online stores using Blik. “All cards, including the most popular debit card, PKO Ekspres”, are to work continuously and without obstacles.

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