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The prices of agricultural products in October were 15.6 percent higher. y / r and 2.1 percent in relation to the previous month – the Central Statistical Office informed on Monday. The prices of livestock and poultry as well as maize and potatoes fell.

According to the Central Statistical Office, in October 2021 compared to September this year Purchase prices increased as well as prices at marketplaces for most agricultural products. The prices of live pigs and poultry in procurement as well as maize and potatoes were lower on both markets.

The information from the Central Statistical Office shows that in October 2021, the purchase prices of wheat (PLN 104.69 per dt) increased both in relation to the previous month (by 7.1%) and in annual terms (by 37.0% per dt). ). At marketplaces, 1 dt of wheat was paid for PLN 111.21, i.e. by 2.8 percent. more than in September this year. and by 31.4 percent. more than a year ago.

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Rye, potatoes, livestock. Prices of agricultural products in October 2021 – GUS data

On the other hand, the purchase price of rye amounted to PLN 86.84 per dt and was higher compared to the previous month (by 12.8%), as well as to the same period last year (by 44.2%). On the other hand, at marketplaces, the rye price (PLN 85.25 per dt) increased by 4.0%. compared to September this year. and by 29.3 percent. per year.

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