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There were dramatic reports over the weekend about a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine. The political destabilization of Kiev and the blocking of the Ukrainians being able to reach an agreement with the West is the most obvious reason for starting a war. Experts argue that the target can also be purely financial. Chaos will cause a panic that will pump up the Russian budget solidly. The second bird, baked with one stone by the way, are the industrial resources of Ukraine in the east.

Russia may attack Ukraine from several directions in early 2022. – said Kyryło Budanov, the head of the main intelligence board of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine over the weekend. This information is also confirmed unofficially by an interview from the United States, quoted e.g. by The New York Times.

“Western intelligence officials are increasingly convinced that Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to take control of a larger area of ​​Ukraine “- reported the American daily on Sunday. Why could the Kremlin want to attack Kiev in the coming months?”

Ukraine: Russia may attack in January. “Unfortunately, we know what the form of Polish diplomacy is”

Russia will attack Ukraine? If so, what for?

– In my opinion, the reason is quite obvious. Russia has entered phase two. Since it has not been possible to bring Ukraine into the Russian sphere of political, financial or cultural influence in recent years, then The Kremlin will do everything to hinder communication and bring Kiev closer to the West . Putin will want to take advantage of the situation so that Russia is again invited to trilateral meetings, where it can win something – says Dr. Szymon Kardaś, an expert of the Center for Eastern Studies, in an interview with money.pl.

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