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Polish journalists are not allowed to enter the border area. Belarusians organize tours for the media. According to Russian journalists, Poles are breaking the law at every turn. President Lukashenka accused Warsaw of using chemical weapons. Is the government losing the propaganda war?

One can risk a statement that Poland is losing in the international media space to the propaganda flowing from Russia and Belarus. It began on September 2, when the government of the United Right introduced a state of emergency in the border areas, which prevented journalists from working in areas where the migration crisis broke out.

The Russian media began to emphasize that this is the first such situation since the martial law imposed by the communist regime. According to journalists from across the eastern border, the comparisons are straightforward.

The situation was aggravated by the illegal detention of three photojournalists – Maciej Nabrdalik, Maciej Moskva and Martin Divisk. The fire was added to the fire by the Operational Commander of the Armed Forces, Gen. Tomasz Piotrowski, who at the conference missed the truth and showed ignorance of the regulations. This was revealed by the recordings published by Polish journalists.

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