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Apartment prices are rising month by month, and yet there are plenty of people willing to buy them. Many decisions are dictated by the investment needs and the so-called flipping. Some customers decide to buy their first apartment using a loan. How to wisely approach such important decisions? Is now a good time to buy a home? These questions are answered by the authors of the next “Real Estate Market” Report, which is developed in cooperation with the Morizon-Gratka Group and Forbes.pl

Housing prices

The data published on October 15 by the Central Statistical Office shows that, to a greater or lesser extent, in Poland everything becomes more expensive. On the short list of exceptions, including books, audiovisual, photographic and IT equipment, telecommunications equipment and clothing, you will not find real estate.

The prices of plots of land, houses, commercial real estate and apartments are consistently rising. This is confirmed by successive readings of the Housing Price Index – an indicator of the price trend in the secondary housing market, published periodically by the Morizon.pl website. Over the last 12 months, its value has increased by as much as 139.2 points. – from the level of 1,236.8 points up to 1376 points; This means that the offer prices of flats in Poland increased by as much as 10.5% during the year.

The increase in offer prices of flats on the secondary market does not bypass any city in Poland. In the third quarter of this year. In as many as 11 out of 17 analyzed cities, the prices were over 10% higher than in the previous year. Gdynia is the leader of the growth, where the rates increased by 17.4% year on year. Lublin is right behind it (16.8%), and the third center with the highest annual price increase is Szczecin, where the rates are 15.5% higher than in the previous year. The smallest changes in offer rates compared to the third quarter of the previous year took place in Poznań (6.3%), Bydgoszcz (6.7%) and Opole (8.3%). More about housing prices in the “Real Estate Market” Report.

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