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Years later, Jake Gyllenhaal confided that in his entire career, the sex scenes during the making of “Life’s Dilemmas” were the biggest challenge for him. This may come as a surprise as his partner was Jennifer Aniston at the time. Why was it almost a traumatic experience for the actor?

Jake Gyllenhaall became famous in the years 2004-2005 due to three films: the high-budget catastrophe production “The Day After Tomorrow”, the war drama “Jarhead: The Marines” and “The Secret of Brokeback Mountain”. The role in the latter film earned the actor an Oscar nomination. Much was said and written about her, as she demanded a great deal of courage from the young actor. It is, of course, about erotic scenes in which the partner was Heath Ledger.

And yet, it was the erotic scenes from the drama “Life Disturbances”, which had been shot three years earlier, that stuck in Gyllenhaal’s memory more. On The Howard Stern Show the actor confessed that during the shooting of the film he was madly in love with Jennifer Aniston. That’s why every approach to his friend on the set, every kiss (and there were a lot of them) was a real torture for Jake.

Gyllenhaal added that before he met Aniston, he had a crush on her for years (he is 11 years younger than she is). Unfortunately, she was, as the actor says, rather rough on the set of “Life’s Dilemmas”. “Yes, working with her was not easy … That’s all I’m going to say about this.” However, during the preparation for the erotic scenes, Aniston turned out to be very businesslike. “Thanks to her professional attitude, I was able to survive” – ​​adds the actor.

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