Wisla Krakow. Transfer plans in the winter window

In terms of numbers and speed, Wisła’s current transfer window is quite smooth. Even before departure for the training camp for the team Sebastian Ring, Zdenek Ondraszek and Luis Fernandez joined, and Yaw Yeboah and Michał Buchalik were transferred.

Ring made his debut in Wednesday’s sparring against Tatran Liptowski Mikulasz (3-0). – Sebastian plays a little different than Matej Hanousekso on the side of defense it will give us new opportunities. In addition, Matej played for almost the entire autumn round, and sometimes some changes have to be made – emphasizes Gul’a.

In the second half of the Wednesday sparring, Zdenek Ondraszek, who was well remembered in Krakow, also appeared on the pitch, returning to Reymont after three years. One of the fans “as a greeting” on the fence hung up a banner: “Cobra, please for a T-shirt”.

There is a lot of emotions in Zdenek, he is very happy that he will be able to play in Wisła again and I believe it will look even better. He is well prepared because he was playing a match in Norway on December 12. Anyway, he trains in shorts every day, winter in Poland does not impress him now – laughs Gul’a.

Luis Fernandez may have survived a greater weather shockwho signed a contract with Wisła on Tuesday. A day later, the Spanish forward watched the sparring in Myślenice, but he was probably not happy with the negative temperature, especially since he recently played in the United Arab Emirates.

– He’s not ready to play yet, but he’s already with us. We want him to integrate with the team as soon as possible, but we will see, because for him not only the team is new, but also the weather. I watched him on materials prepared by scouts, but I know from experience that it is best to see a player in the environment in which he will operate. I believe that we made the right choice and the team will support him – Gul’a points out.

There are many indications that the transfer traffic at Reymonta is just starting. It is true that Adi Mehremic’s departure to Termalika Bruk-Bet Nieciecza has fallen, but despite this, the inhabitants of Krakow are still aiming at strengthening three positions: the side of the aid, the aid measure and the defense measure, because Alan Uryga is still injured.

– We have to look for players for these positions, but winter is specific when it comes to transfers. Well, the coach always wants to have players quickly … Maybe something else can be arranged before leaving for the training camp, but the most important thing is that we are active on the transfer market – says Gul.

Wisła leaves for the camp in Turkey on Saturday.

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