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Witches, which originally made its debut in the 1990s, is a family comedy directed by Nicolas Roeg, which is an adaptation of the novel by Roald Dahl. Thirty years after their premiere, he decided to lean into the topic as well Robert Zemeckisby creating a remake of the same title. Due to the fact that the prototype for the films is the same novel, the plot of both is very similar – we observe the story of a boy who is transformed into a mouse by the title characters. Despite being small, with a mustache and four feet, he decides to frustrate the antagonists’ terrible plans.

They play the main roles in the new production Anne Hathaway, Octavia Spencer and Jahzir Brunoand also appear in the background Chris Rock and Stanley Tucci. At first glance, you can see that the cast simply enjoys the production – especially Hathawaway, which shines in the foreground, giving its heroine incredible expressiveness. Spencer as a grandmother-benefactor contrasts well with her – both actresses give their best and are very convincing to me, it’s nice to look at. The acting in this movie is at a high level and the cast is very hit.

Same storyline new The witch however, it is very simple – not to say simplified. For most of the screening, we observe the actions of the Supreme Witch – the rest is only an anonymous background for the leading antagonist. There is no chemistry between the protagonists; we also learn nothing about them. One with the other will sometimes pass in the background, decorating the frame, but that’s all – apart from Hathaway in the team of “bad guys” no one has anything else to play. A similar flattening of the role of the heroes is also visible among people – the main character, Bruno, is basically limited to being an accidental victim of witchcraft, and his private life or the trauma of losing his parents are commented on here in one, maybe two scenes. In the second part of the film, the boy interacts with his grandmother and friends (it is surprisingly easy for them to eliminate witches), but you do not feel any particular unity in this, and you do not really feel any deeper emotions. At times it is funny and funny, but that’s it – the film does not offer any emotions, nor does it propose more serious topics or morals (although there was a place for it, since we are talking about the orphaning of a boy). It’s a performance by the Hathaway-Spencer duo, who steal the entire show – the rest doesn’t count at all. Although I admire the game of both ladies and I firmly say that they are the ones who carry the film on their shoulders, for the plot itself it is a little bit too little – the film is incomplete and I am afraid that among family productions it performs rather poorly when it comes to the educational or informative dimension .

While original Witches they attracted attention with their make-up and props, which were clearly the result of the work of human hands, the new film is based primarily on computer-generated effects. Most of them work well, while others are a little less convincing – a certain artificiality is seen especially in rats / mice and in witches’ faces when they show their true self. The “smile” of the antagonists at first looks strange, as if we are dealing with underdeveloped CGI – it takes time to get used to it and recognize that this was the intention. At this point, it should also be noted that it is contemporary Witches they’re visually really scary – if I had watched this movie as a kid, Hathaway’s toothy face would probably have been dreaming up at night. So I would be careful about the screening of this film in front of the youngest viewers – at times it reminds me more of a thoroughbred horror movie, and the heroine’s face reminds me of Pennywis from This.

New Witches it is an exaggerated film that draws from the benefits of special effects and computers, sometimes even caricatured – but I buy it in this formula. The entire visual layer arouses genuine interest and the screen simply wants to look at. While it is true that it is in vain to look for something deeper here, the production plane is delightful. Costumes, scenery and music are elaborated down to the smallest detail, the viewer is given the atmosphere of the story and the certain fairy-tale that unfolds around him. Despite some shortcomings and shallowness, as well as treating the characters a bit neglect, the film has its unquestionable charm, and the magic hits the screen. For the same – from me 6.5.


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