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The crisis of the coronaviruses he became an in-joke in bad taste, the label, “The most Serene”, which is a well-known mountain in the Republic of San Marino.

The microestado jam in the centre and north of Italy, with an area slightly larger than that of the são paulo neighborhood of Itaquera, this is the country most affected by the hiv pandemic around the globe, on a pro rata basis.

Up until this past Monday (the 27th), there are 223 infected and 21 dead, with a population of 34 million inhabitants, less than in many districts of Sao Paulo.

This means that the rate of 6,55 are infected for every one thousand inhabitants, or four and a half times that of Italy, is one of the countries in which the the hiv pandemic has, in order in a dramatic.

The number of deaths and the rate of San Marino is 0.61 per thousand, four times as much for the Italian side.

“We are in a critical situation, but the public is in accordance with the rules laid down by the government,” he said to the The sheet the doctor, Gabriele Rinaldi, a member of the health emergency created by the local authorities, on the 23rd of January.

He rejects the term “dramatic” is used to describe the situation, because the patient is receiving hospital care and some follow-up in the home.

But the drama is emotional, it is inevitable, as it is in a place so small, everyone knows someone who has died or is sick. “The effects of moral [sobre a população] we’ll know then,” said Rinaldi.

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The State Hospital, the largest centre in the public health system in the country has increased from 6 to 16 and the number of beds in the ICU, and it turned all the way related at the a-wing from the battle of the Covid-19.

In the fight against the disease, in part, is supported by the fact that San Marino has a system of public health, and universal good.

The standard of living is also high, with a per capita income of US$ 59 billion ($300 million), resulting in a population of well-fed, and, until the advent of the hiv pandemic and healthy.

The co-operation with the Italian authorities, it has been great. According to England, Italy, has donated three of the respirator and the artificial, and a tent that can be used as a field hospital in case of emergency, in addition to the tests for diagnosing the disease in suspicious cases.

“The number of health care providers that we have is sufficient, even though they’re working longer hours,” says Rinaldi.

“If Brazil were to have the nurses and doctors in the intensive care unit, we were able to meet with them, to be able to handle the hard work,” said the doctor.

The traffic at the border of the small republic of Italy, was completely restricted and only residents and people with an urgent matter to be addressed in the San Marino grand prix, are authorized to enter upon the careful control of the police. For this reason, the main road that connects the country to the southern Italian city of Rimini, it has been a long queue of cars.

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In the early days of the microrrepública can be seen in the 4th century, although the recognition of a State with characteristics similar to today’s may have occurred in the Catholic Church, only in the 13th century.

Since then, the San Marino grand prix, it survived as an independent entity before the process of Italian unification in the 19th century, and after the two world wars.

It is a parliamentary republic, with the two heads of State, of the character of the ceremony, called on the chief stewards, and a committee made up of elected members.

Economically, it survives on the basis of the tourism and the export of pottery and textiles. Up until the early part of the decade, it was considered to be a tax haven, but it has made reforms to its system of taxation, as required by the European Union.

That is the reason why the coronavirus has spread so quickly, it is still subject to debate, but there are a few pointers. The most obvious one is that the country is geographically surrounded by some of the regions most severely affected by the financial crisis in Italy, with whom you have the relationship stopped.

In addition to this, following the example of the italians, there is more than 20% of the population over 65 years of age, the main risk group. And maybe that’s what has made the difference, more than anything, all of there drop. The population density of San Marino is of 557 inhabitants per square km2against a total of 212 Italian.

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The other micro-states are also at the top of the list of the countries more affected by the proportion of the pandemic, such as Andorra, Liechtenstein and even Vatican city, which has had four cases, but no deaths).

The owner of a funeral director at the San Marino grand prix, Mark Berlini says her movement has grown by 50% in the first three months of the year, compared to 2019.

“Daily life has changed a lot, due to the restrictions imposed by the government. People can leave their homes to buy food, to do the work essential to assist older people living on their own,” he said Berlini to the The sheet.

In the past week, the local government has asked people to spread the flag and the blue and white of the republic, in front of their houses, as a sign of unity. He called the campaign of “One Flag, One Nation”, in an attempt to lift the spirits of a place that was once peaceful.

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