With a sexy white bikini, Kimberly Flores sends a message to those who criticize her

A Kimberly Flores seems not to mind the criticism she receives every day in their social networks as true to its philosophy, the wife of Edwin Moon, has revealed itself not care how they talk about it while it remains in force between fans and social networks.

This is how in her most recent¬†Instagram post, the Guatemalan model showed off her sculptural body with a white bikini and described the image with the following phrase: ” Let them speak badly or you but speak¬†.”

The sensual publication aroused the envy of some people and the admiration of others, as it was applauded by more than 62 thousand followers who rated the image with a red heart and about 800 comments in which it received compliments and a large number of congratulations for becoming a motivation to fulfill your dreams.

But the one who didn’t want to be left behind was her husband,¬†Edwin Luna, who also reacted to the image with a romantic comment: ‚Äú¬†How beautiful my wife I love you, my life, I love you, you know, and every day you make me happier, this is just beginning¬†.‚ÄĚ

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